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Birthstone Bracelets
Birthstone Bracelets
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These darling bracelets are the perfect little additions for your everyday stack. A thin nylon string detailed with semiprecious stones and featured with a birthstone in the center. 

  • Crafted in dyed nylon string and brass with 18-karat gold.
  • Detailed in semiprecious gemstone.
  • Bracelet adjusts from 14-25 cm.

Birthstones are gems that have historically been associated with one of the 12 months in the Gregorian calendar. Wearing birthstone jewelry during the month that the stone represents first became popular in 15th century Poland and was thought to enhance magical and healing properties of the stone.

January: Garnet symbolizes Protection

February: Amethyst symbolizes Wisdom

March: Aquamarine or Bloodstone symbolizes Serenity

April: Diamond symbolizes Strength

May: Emerald symbolizes Hope

June: Alexandrite or Agate symbolizes Love

July: Ruby symbolizes Vitality

August: Peridot or Sardonyx symbolizes Beauty

September: Sapphire symbolizes Truth

October: Tourmaline or Opal symbolizes Healing

November: Topaz symbolizes Joy

December: Turquoise symbolizes Friendship